Black Tea

The diversity that makes Canada special isn’t often reflected in the stories we hear and the discussions we have. Black Tea will change that. Writers Andray Domise and Melayna Williams are here to have the tough but important conversations right out in the open, and have some laughs while doing it. Join them each week for insightful and uncomfortable discussions; about issues that matter to Canada’s Black communities.


Recent Episodes

Black Queer Visibility

The Black community often replicates the harmful and oppressive structures of white supremacy on it’s queer members. What are some ways we can build stronger ties between the broader Black community and LGBTQ+ people?

Guest: Kim Katrin Milan, Human Rights Educator and Writer


2018 Best in Blackness

This week, Melayna, Andray and A.Harmony break down this year’s best (and worst) moments in Blackness by spilling as much tea as possible. 

Guest: Writer and Hip-hop artist, A.Harmony


Black Film & TV

Yes, diversity is a buzzword, but it also represents essential strides in the film and television industry related to viewership and box office returns. For some reason, that shift hasn’t resonated in Canada. How can we change that?

Guest: Amanda Parris, Television and Radio Host, Writer.