The Quick & The Dirty

Hilary Welch and Sandra Plagakis attempt to navigate the world of sex and relationships, but they’ll be the first to admit they still haven’t figured it out, either. Not even remotely. So every week, they’ll invite guests to share their unique and compelling stories from the world of love and lust. Expect a lot of laughs, and some very real conversations about the connections that are so important in our lives.


Recent Episodes

Let’s Talk About Vaginas

Having honest conversation about sex can be tough. That’s why, this week, Hilary and Sandra talk to Carlen Costa, a registered psychotherapist and sexologist who isn’t afraid to speak candidly about what goes on between the sheets. Nothing is off limits on this episode!


Polyamory & Parenting

Nick and Steph are a married polyamorous couple with a young family. We talk monogamy and how widespread cheating is, the difference between polyamory and swinging, and raising kids in an open relationship. Let’s dig in!


Dysfunctional Family Christmas

If you haven’t at least a little dysfunction at Christmas…is it even Christmas? Hilary and Sandra talk to various coworkers about their more memorable moments. Some people still enjoy Christmas with a childlike wonderment, and there are those who think of Christmas as a time of chaos.