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Canada is the second country in the world to legalize pot, and the details are still hazy. For the past two years, we’ve wondered what would actually change when the day arrived. Now that it has, we’ll start getting you answers on everything from buying and selling to culture, enforcement and tourism. Join CityNews reporter Shauna Hunt as she explores the highs and the lows of legalization.

Evanka Osmak hosts a national sports show late at night, and Melanie Ng is a reporter on a morning show at the crack of dawn. They’re both moms and they’re both…busy. And tired. Each week, they meet in the middle of the day to talk parenting. Tune in for their stories about the good and the bad, advice from experts and honest discussion. Whether you’re a working mom, a stay-at-home dad, mom of many or one, aunt of some, godfather of lots—it’s hard! It helps to know you’re not alone.

The diversity that makes Canada special isn’t often reflected in the stories we hear and the discussions we have. Black Tea will change that. Writers Andray Domise and Melayna Williams are here to have the tough but important conversations right out in the open, and have some laughs while doing it. Join them each week for insightful and uncomfortable discussions; about issues that matter to Canada’s Black communities.

The news cycle never stops anymore. But The Big Story slows it down for you, gives you proper context, and laughs at it when that’s all you can do. Jordan Heath-Rawlings has been wading through the news for 15 years, and he knows how confusing, painful, terrifying and ridiculous it can be—sometimes all in the same story. Every weekday morning he’ll serve up an in-depth conversation on a story that matters to Canadians with some of the countries best journalists and thinkers.

Hilary Welch and Sandra Plagakis attempt to navigate the world of sex and relationships, but they’ll be the first to admit they still haven’t figured it out, either. Not even remotely. So every week, they’ll invite guests to share their unique and compelling stories from the world of love and lust. Expect a lot of laughs, and some very real conversations about the connections that are so important in our lives.